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—The SuperHero Book—

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From the Back Cover

Whether you choose to fight crime or social injustice, advance in your career, further your education or just be a better you, there is a clear path to success in these pages… and it starts… with you becoming an actual SuperHero.

SuperHeroes are everywhere in today’s marketplace; Self-Help books more so. This is the first book to combine them both! Stan Lee called it “undoubtedly the right book for the right time.” You can be more than you ever imagined and it can be fun. It can be informative… and you absolutely can begin today.

Inside you will find 268 pages packed with truly rewarding content. The exercises are challenging, yes. They are meant to be… but they are also fun. You will learn more about who you really are than you ever thought possible.

Every detail you need is inside:

  • Training Plans
  • Super Powers You Can Develop
  • Missions to Plan and Accomplish
  • Tools for Your Own Utility Belt
  • Even Gadgets for Your Car!

The book is divided into three sections:

  1. SuperHero Theory
  2. SuperHero Boot Camp
  3. Super Powers

If you find yourself searching for that next level; if you know you can achieve more but you don’t yet know how; if you are ready to leap off that proverbial cliff you are facing but just know that you can fly if you were only given a chance… than this book is definitely for you.

I give you, my reader, but one promise: If you follow this book through until the end and you complete every exercise you find inside… you absolutely will become…. a SuperHero.