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Happy Clients

Gene Read

  • You sure do go the extra step! Thank You Sage. I hope we can work together again. I can’t wait till tomorrow. Good luck, Gene.

Melissa de Dios

  • Very fast, really seems to care about your project. Great Ideas!!
  • Fast turnaround, thanks a bunch!

Gail Smith

  • Thank you so much for the phone conference and your help with my book! It is coming along great!
  • Always enjoy your fantastic advice and tips! You make things so much easier! I appreciate all you do to help me with my book!
  • I am enjoying working together. I read a ton of tips both online and off and although the wedding book is not my business. I am an entrepreneur with two businesses and an eBay business and I own shake and grow a plant food supplement company. My product grew the 4th largest pumpkin in the world last year. I am very active in a marketing group and I love it. Our leader is constantly telling us to write books and this one has been just sitting for 3 years and I just needed to get it done. I plan on recommending you to the others in the group next month when I go and surprise everyone with my book. I would love to work together.
  • This guy really knows what he is talking about. I had a book that has been sitting on the shelf for 3 years and he has taken is walking me through the process of getting it published. I highly recommend him. Will be using his other resources to complete the project. Thank you so much!!
  • He is the best! Highly recommend him to all my business partners! Will use him again!
  • I received so many great ideas from your consultation call for my book! This was very valuable to get me moving ahead in the right direction quickly!

Tora Cullip

  • This work is totally crazy – as in, it’s the best offering out there by a gazillion miles. I’ve used [people] a lot for many different projects, and always been very happy, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Seriously, don’t think twice about this one…it’s a no-brainer.

Henryk Sienkiewicz

  • Wow, man! You made my heart beating with the light speed. Thank you, and I’ll be back. Henryk


  • Super Speed in delivery and AWESOME content. Highly Recommended and if you are writing or planning to write a book get the consultation! It is worth far more than what is being charged!

Mickey Booher

  • Sage always delivers five-star service. I can’t rate him high enough.
  • OMG, talk about over deliver. Sage promises and then delivers what he promises and then keeps on delivering. Enough already. I am a raving fan!
  • Awesome! Thanks again
  • Perfect. Super quick completion. He never disappoints
  • Wow what a call. I learned more about getting my book to print than I have learned in the two years prior. 5 star rating to the moon.
  • I can’t say enough how smooth this was.
  • Sage rocks
  • Wow…that’s all I can say at this point!
  • Perfect!
  • Love it. Thanks
  • five stars to the moon
  • Two thumbs up!
  • This guy is the real deal.
  • Sage, your work is beyond words! I can’t thank you enough

Rahul Kabade

  • Good work. Sage has patience and provides fantastic value add and advice to any new writer. Keeps updated on progress and does not shy away from difficult work. Will highly recommend him for content editing and typo correction assignments. Thanks
  • Once again thanks for your great comments and edit.


  • Wow, talk about “over deliver!” Really happy with it. Thank you 🙂

Brian Elwood

  • Highly professional, good quality work, and a very quick turnaround.
  • I was very satisfied with the service you provided thank you and I will gladly give you more work in the future.
  • Very professional and easy to work with and goes above and beyond on any project you give him.
  • Highly professional and well worth the price he offers would recommend to all especial new authors
  • Well worth every penny, highly knowledgeable, professional, and ended the conversation with more knowledge than I expected to gain in the first place.
Nikolai Pizarro
  • From my mouth to God’s ears, this guy is amazing. The quality of the work and work ethic are outstanding. Consider yourselves lucky to have found him! I certainly do.

Jordan Mercedes

  • Sage Michael has the ability to bring clarity and laser focus to every conversation. He’s able to get the meaning behind the questions I don’t always know how to ask. Excellent!
  • Thanks for teaching in such a way that makes it easy for me to learn.
  • Thank you again for your help last week. I’m in the process of formatting the book and adding links then I think it’s ready to go. I just started your book. I love it. Puts a smile on my face.

Angela Castle

  • This is good, very good, a deep in-depth, critique, just what I need to clean my MS up. Thank You Sir.
  • Thank you, a super quick turnaround. Quality job done.
  • Another great job. Thank you.


  • More than fair and delivered super quick with a friendly message. Thank you. Sky
  • Thanks very much. As before, delivery was speedy and you gave me helpful comments and advice.


  • Very prompt and helpful information. Professional and full, not skimpy.

Mo Grady

  • Over-delivery? I’d say so!!! Thanks Sage 4 helping me understand the kindle direct publishing process. You answered every single one of my questions and gave me great confidence to get my books up on kindle the right way AND gave me very helpful digital marketing tips to improve my conversions.

Adam Dukes

  • Just plain AWESOME! Talk about going ABOVE & BEYOND! Sage answered all my questions and so much more. I should have my first book on Amazon within the next week or so. THANK YOU! Adam

Joe Gillis

  • Sage did an amazing job on the material he wrote for me, exceeding all my expectations. Thanks!

Lee Evans

  • Done quickly, and clearly over-delivered! Thanks so much, will be back.
  • If you need someone to talk to about any aspect of your book project, and most newbie authors (& financially unsuccessful authors) do. This is a great way to get professional & “Sage” advice!

Patryk Wezowski

  • Thanks, Sage for the very fast and useful explanation!! Great job and over-delivering!!
  • AMAZING WORK!!! Wow! Thank you Sage! Sage runs a big publishing company and has a lot of experience with his own books and proven results for many clients. I’ve used people for many services over the last year, but this one tops them all!! It’s an honour to have access to such an Expert!


  • Thanks Sage – great package – very generous. I have just included the 1hr session and I look forward to that.

Eleanor A. Lynar

  • Hello Sage. Thank you for helping me with my work. It’s due to your kind expert service that I definitely would return and recommend your works to my friends. You truly over deliver in the customer satisfaction dept. The added bonus gifts were useful and well appreciated. Thumb Up to you! Thanks
  • Great outstanding performance in service. I would gladly pass the buzz line. Thanks.

Elton Boocock

  • Awesome call worth way more than what I paid. Way more! Thank You


  • Sage is authentic and very helpful!

Greg Vinson

  • The course was cool, but the individual attention I got from Sage was absolutely top notch! I would recommend his phone consultation to anyone; one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

Robert Delong

  • Thank you for your generosity. I will make good use of these, post haste. I have a book all ready to go but no way to ‘go it’. Hopefully this will put me on the right track. thanks again. Bob Delong

Marcia Ramsland

  • Hi, Sage, You were awesome – patient, knowledgeable, and thorough. You answered the questions I had and took the time to walk me through an amazon upload of my book like a Pro! Thank You! I’ll be back.

Tyler Capper

  • Great person to bounce ideas and get REALLY GOOD feedback and ideas from. Do yourself a BIG favor and talk to this guy before launching anything.

Roberta Kagan

  • Sage is an excellent coach. He did a wonderful job of helping me with my books. I felt he went over and above anything I could have expected and I would highly recommend this to anyone.


  • Genius. Brilliant. Amazing. And that’s just for starters.
  • Really pleased. Thank you so much; you’re a lifesaver!
  • Your phone consultation work was AWESOME! I am so pleased. Thank you!
  • I must tell you how thrilled I am to have found you! Thank you for your insight, your wisdom, and your kindness.
  • Loving the information so far and I can’t WAIT to listen to the rest! Thank you!
  • Can’t wait to dig in here; if it’s anywhere near as great as your other stuff, I’m in for a treat! Thanks for the consistently solid work!
  • Super helpful as always! Thank you! NOTE: This is for a phone consult. 🙂
  • Really phenomenal notes. You are such a find; I’m truly grateful for you!
  • So happy with your notes! Thank you!
  • Awesome. Amazing. Astronomical. So glad I found you!
  • Pure awesomeness. 🙂 Really. I’m SO HAPPY! PS: This is for a phone consultation.
  • Incredibly helpful! What a find you are. Thank you so much!
  • Truly spectacular! I’m so happy! Thank you!
  • Thank you, Sire. Ever grateful am I! 🙂
  • Every time I have a consult with you I think to myself, “HOW did I get so lucky?!” Seriously, you are amazing. 🙂
  • You are a Godsend. Truly. SO grateful to have found you!
  • Mind-blowing-ly-awesome. As always! Thanks, Sage!
  • Sage, thank you so much. Truly blessed to know you!
  • Thank you, Sage. So grateful for you!
  • Sage Michael! You are a genius, a warrior, and a superhero! I am blessed to have you in my corner. THANK YOU!