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To Become a SuperHero Sage:

  • Taught a child to read
  • Helped orphans in Malaysia
  • Served in the US Military
  • Stopped rapes & assaults in progress and saw perpetrators brought to justice
  • Helped Train Personal Protection K9s to protect families
  • Uses Micro-Finance Loans so 3rd-world families can improve their life
  • Founded a Volunteer Center and Food Bank
  • Acted as a consultant to The Pentagon on more than one occasion, and also to several very large, well-known organizations over the years
  • Hand-delivered food, toys and medical supplies to villages in Mexico
  • Risked his life to save others
  • Ran over a thousand miles to raise money for AIDS research
  • Helped students get into college
  • Has been beat-up, shot at, and trapped in a crack alley in South Central in pursuit of a known felon
  • Scaled a hotel in Los Angeles with no equipment
  • (For different charities) went Shark Diving, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, White-water Rafting, Soaring, & Skydiving
  • Found homes for women and children living on the street
  • Donated over a thousand children’s books to build a library in Africa
  • Helped a family in India triumph against police corruption
  • Located thousands of pounds of food and helped hand-distribute it to the homeless
  • Donated 1,000+ pairs of socks to the homeless as a random act of kindness
  • Wrote a book teaching others to do the same